Newly haversted indica and sativa Wickr: telenobome

TOPSHELFPRIMOLOUDDANK STRAINS,DISTILLATE CARTRIDGES,BRASS KNUCKLES,CBD OILS,BHO OILS,VAPE PENS AND EDIBLES THE QUALITY IS VERY VISIBLE AND SMELL CONFIRMS IT NOSE.. Wickr id: telenobome Sticky firm, covered with trichomes giving it a high THC% good for those using it for recreational purpose(great high) and great CBD strains excellent for marijuana patients. ***FRESH WELL PRESERVED THIS YEARS INDOOR…. ***TIGHT TRIM,ALL UNITS OVER 448G WITHOUT BAG…. ***EACH UNIT HAS BOVEDA TO PRESERVE MOISTURE LEVEL…. ***ALL UNITS HAVE BEEN VAC SEALED IN COLD CLIMATE…. ***GREAT COLOR GREAT NOSE…. Delivery is available!! Medical Grade Top shelf greenhouse and indoor. We are able to help a few more people out. Looking for someone’s that can do one to three units per week. Flavors will change weekly with reoccurring flavors from time to time this is medical-grade. We will help a few people that want smaller amounts.We are busy and can only handle so much. Absolutely no fronts, please don’t even ask. Beautiful golden colored Shatter packaged into individual grams. BHO closed loop system triple refined. Contact via detail below: Wickr id: telenobome Call or text 9166373461 We carry products all year round so consistency is assured. We have been in the industry for awhile now so please don’t try to ask for consignment; only cash before shipment. If you want to start off small and work your way up to build a business foundation; We will work with as low as an Oz. We don’t front. Full payment before ~~~~~~~~ except for clients buying from 2lbs and above. Serious Inquires Only! Contact via detail below: 9166373461

Name: Johsonkusi

Telephone: 9739833389

State: North Carolina

Address: All

Newly haversted indica and sativa Wickr: telenobome

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